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  1. Thanks! Some guilds were advertised after the TT last night. I joined one of them. Will see how they suit me. The hopes are high
  2. Greetings new best friends -intense stare-, It is I, Moo. Just joined here after doing a Triple Trouble with you guys yesterday. Had tons of fun there, so much so, that I felt like I had to get involved into this community a tad more. So here I am. I'm a 28 year old Belgian guy, at least today. Tomorrow I'll still be a Belgian, just not 28. In my everyday life I develop software, traveling the world implementing it. Right now I got into a more in-house role, which gives me more free time to spend on stuff next to work. I try to go for a run or swim every now and then, although don't expect jaw-dropping sports related achievements from me. When push comes to shove, I can be quite the slacker. Have been playing Guild Wars since the GW1 bèta. Always ran my own guilds in GW1 - apart from the last year before GW2. Highest achievement there was running the highest ranked dutch only speaking guild worldwide (in terms of GvG) and beating former GWFC Champions War Machine in a direct GvG match with my former guild Half Man, Half Biscuit. I can still vividly recall that moment, although my memories often are cloudy overall (must be the 'old' age). Came into GW2 from day 1 as well, after playing the bètas. Since I got so sucked into PvP in GW1 I really wanted to focus more on PvE in GW2, so I haven't really touched upon PvP a lot until now. I don't regret it either. I always get overwhelmed with wanderlust (also an elite ritualist skill in GW1) while playing GW2 which often leads me to just walk around on a random map, killing random mobs and trying to climb on random things. Needless to say, I don't get all that much done as far as achievements go. Still pretty far from my first legendary, haven't even completed my first ascended full set and haven't dropped a single boss in raids. I know how impressive I must sound. In GW2 I've always been looking for a lovely guild where I can be my laid back self, sometimes finding it, before, sadly, those guilds transform into something I can't get behind any longer. Spent a lot of my days in [eMoa], going to [DKB] after that. Now I'm just scavenging around hoping to find a nice home, however, not actively looking for it. As with many things in life, I just assume it'll find me instead. That's about it from me. If you want to know more - for some odd reason, or just plain good ol' identity theft - feel free to ask here or in-game. I'm always open for a chat, whatever the topic may be.