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  1. What are you playing?

    Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle on Switch. Such a great and fun game!
  2. Price: 425g (at the time of posting, current Buy Nao price is 449g99s and highest bid is 380g) Since is not a lot of money and can safely mailed in one go, I would prefer liquid gold I can provide API Key, pics and/or video (recorded with my phone, as I don't think my computer can handle that) I won't send first unless the buyer has a good amount of positive trades and provides API Key. Or can use gw2 community intermediary. Erhnam.5732 on EU server (not sure if this matters) P.D: Yes, I know, this is a fresh account. I have lurkered around the community for some time, but yesterday I got this from the MF and decided to register. I have created this very same post in reddit, too, were I have a bit more participation (not a lot, tho) https://www.reddit.com/r/GW2Exchange/comments/72t3a0/wts_leaf_of_kudzu_longbow_precursor/