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  1. Want: Level 69 Guild Price Paying: 1 Eternity (roughly 4200 Gold) Method: You transfer leadership of guild and I mail you 1 Eternity. Reply here first then ---VVV--- Message me in game @ QQQ.8560
  2. [SELLING] Level 58 Guild

    I am interested. message Trinity.3548 or Nitro Bolt.9625
  3. [BUYING] Guild Bank 250 Slots

    I am looking to buy 3 guild banks with 250 storage each. lvl doesnt matter. Paying 500 Gold per and can pay with items as well. Message either Trinity.3548 or Nitro Bolt.9625 to initiate. Payment Method: Transfer guild leadership then I send item or 500G
  4. [SELLING] Guild Bank 250 slots

    I am interested in this offer.