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    Summer Party 2018

    It’s summer time! And of course we will have a summer party within the community. Join us for a lot of fun events, competitions and awesome prizes on Saturday, 7th of July, starting at 15:00 CEST Pre events: Event marathon on 30th of June: To shorten the waiting time until the summer party, we will already hold a small pre-party on the 30th of June until 1st of July. Our commanders will run various events the whole day and night, like bounty trains in the PoF maps. Feel free to hang around with us and join our event marathon. Special thanks to our commander Vega Starshine Dry Top and Temple run on 6th of July: Also we will have our traditional Dry Top T6 and Temple run on Friday, 6th of July at 18:40 CEST + an after party with karaoke, Cards against Humanity or other fun stuff. Don't forget to bring your swim wear Schedule for 7th of July: