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Hey Hows it Going.

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New To the community. Enjoying the events keeping gw2 so more active.

My In Game Name (Main) Is Nursvet And im a Guild leader of a small Guild. 

Enjoys Fractals And mainly pvp, Looking to learn raiding so hit me up! 

Have a Great Day!

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Welcome :)


EX-Guild Leader of Nothing in Particular [Ní­P] // Ireth Alcárin (Guardian - Commander - Main)

Ireth Alcarin (Ranger - RP-char), Leandine (Warrior), Alatriel Miril (Elementalist), Lea von Scheele (Mesmer), Lea Alcarin (Thief) - Amy Alcarin (Necromancer) - Elayne Alcarin (Revenant) - Laura Alcarin (Warrior) - Lilly Alcarin (Engineer) - J Ks Shadow (Elementalist)


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