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GW2COMMUNITY Summer Weekend: Farewell HoT Summer

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GW2Community Weekend is back for more fun, games and shenanigans

Join us for a number of events we will be running during the weekend of 25th to 27th August to celebrate 5 years of Guild Wars 2, the end of Heart of Thorns, and the new expansion Path of Fire

Beach Party
No gw2community summer weekend would be complete without a good beach party and water balloon fight. Join us and mercilessly slaughter your friends with exploding water balls of fury.

Costume Competition - Superhero/Supervillain Themed
Fashion Wars 2 is a big reason why we play the game. Forget Triple Trouble or the Elder Dragons, the real war is looking the best at all times. This time we be will doing a Superhero and Supervillain themed costume competition. Whether its the Man of Steel or the Trickster of Asgard, dress up and enter the competition for some lovely prizes.

Hero Quiz
To DC or to Marvel, that is the question. Confident to know your Darkseid from your Thanos? Then join us for plenty of superhero fun questions with some super prizes to be won.

Quaggan Race
Our Quaggan overlords have demanded that we take part in a race. Transform into your ultimate form and rush to the finish line for cooOOol prizes. If time permits and our Quaggan lords are pleased with our performance we will then do a short march around the map hugging any confused players we see.

Mystery Journey
The Mystery Journey is a new event to gw2community that takes the players across Tyria in a trek type adventure. This first Mystery Journey will follow the daring and incredible adventure of a Skritt named....Bob. Bob has received a magical key from a magical person to get some magical shinies. Along the way Bob has been captured on a non existent camera at several stages in his journey. Players will have to use these images to find these locations to determine the route Bob took to reach his destination.


And More...
We will be running plenty of other events, so keep an eye on this post for the full schedule


How to Join in the Fun
To take part in these and other planned events please join us on TS (address found below) near their scheduled time and date.

teamspeak_small.png.c0e1008ff44ef57dc8a4f1cfb820cc1f.png ts.gw2community.com



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Alright guys!  We are ready to announce the schedule with all the events for the community weekend!! timetable.thumb.PNG.1a28573a31a1809160c879fe1151ea09.PNG

Make sure to join us for all those events because we´re gonna have loads of fun!

Of course there´s also lots of prices to win! For example: A total makeover kit, an endless mystery Quaggan tonic, and of course lots of shiny Gold :D

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