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Kiki Rosita

Thanks for organising lab runs!

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Not sure if this is in the right place, but anyway :P So, the last couple of days I did enjoy the GW2community lab runs. They're pretty nice and everyone seems to be happy and getting loot, sure sometimes you get an odd player in the same instance, but overal it's a very pleasant experience with really dedicated commanders.

So today when you're not organising (makes sense, everyone needs time off and a reset from the endless farmzerg), I decided to join some other groups in LFG, and it really makes me appreciate this communities runs even more. No people being selfish on mounts, most of the time the doors only get opened when the commander/zerg is there. All the other maps are full or filled with random/selfish players.

So, just a post to thank the dedicated and hard working commanders and other players for all the relaxing loot fun we get here. (Hail King Candy).

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Thank you <3

We do try our best to make it as fun as possible for everyone and it's always nice to know we're doing a good job.

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