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A long, long time ago, there was an age drowned in endless conflict - an age known in history only as the Guild Wars.

Many succumbed to the ravages of war in these ancient times, but there were darker days yet - days where weapons were dropped and old grudges put to the side - for all manner of horrors roamed the land. Vicious ghouls and gremlins! Candy Corn creatures as vast as houses!

These abominations were the emissaries of a king so vicious and cruel his name alone caused people to cower in fear.

That name was Mad King Thorn.

When the veil between the world of the living and the dead grew thin, new alliances were formed to ensure that this Mad King was kept happy and content, for none would live who failed his expectations. To this end, throughout history there were groups of extraordinary people who in Tyria’s darkest hours kept alive the festivities that warmed people’s hearts with hope. Even as the Great Wall fell and the Betrayer rose again, a spark burned bright that could illuminate even the darkest Night. Two centuries may have passed since then, but this legacy continues - even in this age of Dragons and Fallen Gods.

In honor of his Majesty the Mad King Thorn they named this collection of festivities the Horrorween - and that, my dear Tyrians, is where our story begins.

On Saturday the 28th of October we will all rise to the occasion and honor the memories of the Horrorween!

All are invited to this 12th anniversary of the oldest community event in Guild Wars history!

The celebrations will be kicking off in Lion’s Arch @ 18:00 CEST.
However, we will be running events as early as 14:00 CEST - if you dare to join us in the Labyrinth, you may even see a familiar Frozen face...

The offical forum post of our beloved snowman can be found here: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/6799/memories-of-the-horrorween-moth-2017#latest

We hope to see you guys there to celebrate this awesome event with us!

Horrorween banner.jpg

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18:00 | Wickerman’s Scavenger Hunt Pre-Event
18:30 | The Steeplechase
19:00 | Grand Entrance in Pumpkin Plaza (The Ambush)
19:30 | Lunatic Royale, The War for Tricks-Or-Treats!
20:00 | The Four Riders of Dhuum!
20:30 | The Summoning of the Ghostly Quartet
21:00 | Mime / Last is First / Riddles
21:30 | Ecto-Bowl
22:00 | The Attire of Autumnal Awesome
22:30 | Night Flight & The Tower of Terror
23:00 | Pumpkin Bob
23:30 | Skullduggery / Hulk Musters
00:00 | The Wickerwind Bonfire and the arrival of Mad King Thorn!
Award Ceremony - Community Spirit - Art Contest - International Raffle

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