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Winter Wonder Weekend 8 - 9 - 10 December

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Since the beginning of time, people from all the races of Tyria have come together every year to celebrate the end of the season of Colossus, and the break of the season of Zephyr.

This year... this year is different. Something is off...
History rarely repeats itself, but once in a while, through a rift in time and space, a bit of the mists shines through the lands.
The winds are sweeping across valleys and mountains, but they are colder than usual.


Something weird is happening to Tyria, something…Chilling. Something hiding in plain sight, yet invisible through the layers of snow and ice. Something that will not give up until it has found what it is looking for.

Join us in our quest to unveil the secrets the frozen winter holds, and let us warm our souls with stories and fun.
Let us fight against this corruption!
Tyria is falling in a slumber, and we have to wake it!
Help us to collect these relics, and collect your reward!
Let us unite to fight this mysterious foe, and claim our prize!

Are you you ready for some frozen fun?


~Cypher Deadwhisper

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Event schedule:

Comming soon

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Following a request I will just put short descriptions on the events here (also to be found on the calendar)

Blindfolded JP:

A commander has to do a Jumping Puzzle without seeing anything and the players have to guide him. That's going to be hilarious!

Snowball Bowling:

You always wanted to bowl over a couple of snowmans with a huge snowball? Now you get your chance for it. Join us with playing around and having fun and maybe there will be some prizes ;)

Crossover Tangled Depths:

This event will be commanded by people that normally only command other events. They will be totally confused what makes it even more funny for us ;) Enjoy a totally chaotic but fun run. Of course there will also be some people that knows the events to help out in case.

Mount race:

Who will be the fastest? Join our Mount Race and take your chance to win some prizes.

The route and rules will be announced in TeamSpeak.


You always wanted to be a detective? Let's play a ingame version of Cluedo. Who kidnapped the Asura? Let's find it out. More information you will get in TeamSpeak.

Scripted Wurm:

This Wurm will be totally scripted. The commanders have to follow this script no matter what happens. Let's see what they have to do according to the script

Picture Purrrfect:

This event will be a kind of screenshot contest. There will be a screenshot with multiple persons on it doing different poses using the Petrify Mode from a Box o' Fun.

The players have to form groups and try to recreate the poses on the screenshot. The group that recreates the screenshot best, will get a reward.

Reindeer Escort:

Each group (5 people in total) has to escort a player that is transformed to a reindeer. Goal is to be the fastest group reaching the destination. But you have to take care of your reindeer. Every time the reindeer dies, a few seconds will be added to your total time. So even a group that reaches the destination as second could still win if their reindeer died less than the one of the first group.

Hide and Seek:

Like a classic game of hide and seek. First ones who find the hidden persons, get their small rewards.

Snowball Jumping Puzzle:

This will be a Jumping Puzzle race where everyone transforms into a snowball.

Challenge Mote Tequatl:

That's an event with an extreme twist. We will just idle away and only 5 minutes before the event ends we will pull it off. Let's see if we can do it and remember: No panic!

Bilingual Wurm:

The commanders have to command in 2 different languages. This will be absolutely awesome.

Story Telling:

Time for telling some Winter/Christmas stories. Also including your self written stories from the story telling contest.

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