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Heaven Karma

Community Advent Calendar

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Oh Deer, Christmas is almost upon us (Pun totally intended)

To celebrate and a chance for the community to get to know the Commanders we at GW2Community.com will be doing an Advent Calendar. whay \o/.
I know I know, this is all very exciting.

What is an advent calendar?
An Advent calendar is a special calendar used to count the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas.

How does the gw2c advent calendar work?
Each day a new tile will be available to view. The tile corresponding to the present date will be view-able. A screenshot of a commander will appear in the tile.
You are tasked to:

  1. Find where this screenshot was taken (describe where it is, which map and direction from closest poi or waypoint)
  2. Identify the commander (TS name, account name, Discord name, any of these will do)

You will have until 23:59 CET that same day to discover these two points and mail Heaven Karma.5697 with the answers.

The prizes will be different each day (supplied by the commanders) and listed on the tile.

  1. You get one prize for locating where the screenshot was taken
  2. You also get a 'bonus' prize for identifying the commander
    (Note that these prizes are separate, meaning you get the associate reward for each 1. and/or 2.)

We hope you have fun with this

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Advent Calendar is active \o/

Here is a list (in alphabetical order) of those commanders and community members helping out: Arndawan, Astronomy, Ciobh, Cypher, Davin, Frangel, Karma (or HKarma), Lola, Mawee, Mouja, Poetjuh (or Grim Reaper Poetjuh), Quintenvw, Rosie, Tali, Tany, Telly, Val

Make sure to mail your answers to Heaven Karma.5697
Example Template for mail

To:  Heaven Karma.5697
Sub: Advent Calendar

Account name: XXXXX.1234
Date: x/12/17
Identity: XXXXXXX

Edited by Heaven Karma

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1/12 - Although you can see them, this commander is not in the Shiverpeaks
2/12 - No Hints
3/12 - No Hints
4/12 - Hidden where the river separates grassland and snowscape, ready to hunt
5/12 - No Hints
6/12 - This commander is on a map where the cold of ice and the warmth of the jungle meet
7/12 - No Hints
8/12 - No Hints
9/12 - No Hints
10/12 - No Hints
11/12 - No Hints
12/12 - No Hints
13/12 - No Hints

Edited by Heaven Karma

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