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Uh... hey there, m'dudes!

I've had GW2 for around a year and a half or two, but I only just started regularly playing about a month ago. My main is Hallirus (sylvari Mirage) and he is my child-- he's also my profile pic (though I'm gonna have to change it to something more accurate to what he looks like right now...)

I'm all about that RP but I have anxiety so it's usually riddled with apologies and awkward pauses-- please forgive me, lol.

I figure this might be important to mention so I just wanna throw out there that I'm primarily a solo-player! Even when I'm playing a supporting profession, I like to do things on my own.

So-- Zoinks, that's all for now. Nice meetin' y'all!

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Hi and welcome :) No need to apologize for anxiety. I myself didn't talk to the people here at all in the beginning. But the people in the community are so nice and open-hearted, so after a while i felt absolutely comfortable and made good friends there ;)

So feel free to join us on our runs or even in TeamSpeak if you like to. See you around o/

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Solo player or not :3 gw2 is here for everyone! welcome


EX-Guild Leader of Nothing in Particular [Ní­P] // Ireth Alcárin (Guardian - Commander - Main)

Ireth Alcarin (Ranger - RP-char), Leandine (Warrior), Alatriel Miril (Elementalist), Lea von Scheele (Mesmer), Lea Alcarin (Thief) - Amy Alcarin (Necromancer) - Elayne Alcarin (Revenant) - Laura Alcarin (Warrior) - Lilly Alcarin (Engineer) - J Ks Shadow (Elementalist)


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