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Greetings Community!! From [NEWS]

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Hello Hello everyone! sanddrake here! I've play gw2 for 2 years now, starting when GW2 first when F2P, met lots of cool and not so cool people in my two years.

Just last year in September, I started a guild with a 3 other people called The Krytan Herald [NEWS]. We've grow a fair amount now and am interested in having collabs with other guilds. We are a small 100++ people guild with about 10-20 active core members, including the GMs.

I'm here looking to expand our network in game, maybe even have some cool collabs while we are at it. 

If yall have any questions, feel free to ask or PM me in game at sanddrake.3089

Thank you all for taking your time to read this post :)

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Hi sanddrake, I am sure some of the community guild leaders will be in touch :-)

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Very much appreciated :) Hope to be working with you all soon.

Though really I'm just the janitor/treasurer of the guild. I live in the most awkward of timezones. You can see that in my country xD

Still, I'd love to hear from you all soon :D

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