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Heaven Karma

GW2C PvP Tournament IV - 22/4/18

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End of April, PvP Tournament IV!
For every brave race that roams through Tyria,
Heroes and villains alike.

Come to see and witness the carnage!

Or valiantly stride among your brothers and sisters
And fight for glory with pride!




Amazing prizes to be won:

1st Prize: Every member gets the awesome Permanent Pact Fleet Finisher

2nd Prize: Every member gets a prize based on the pot, estimated 12G

3rd Prize: Every member gets a prize based on the pot, estimated 6G


The 5 steps to glory:

1. Contact HKarma, Blue, Val before midnight on the 8th of April (Info below)

2. Tell them you want to join, either alone or with a buddy (only one buddy allowed)

3. Tell them your GW2 account name (with numbers) and TS name

4. Tell them how experienced you are (i.e. PvP level, league division) and pay the 2G entry fee (forms the prize pot)

5. You are now ready to compete against the other contestants on the 22nd of April!




Contact information:

Heaven Karma.5697 <-- HKarma

Avanni.6392 <-- Blue

Soul Doomer.9702 <-- Val

For enlisting or questions please contact one of these three


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